Monday, 14 May 2012

Sorted for E's and Whimbs

There's a pretty hefty passage of Whimbrel at the moment so on Saturday night I headed down the coast to try and get a few more colour-ringed. Good job its Chough ringing time of year as well otherwise I might have been caught out with insufficient ring stock!! Amazingly I managed to catch 30, that surely has to be some sort of record Whimbrel catch!! Had enough E's on me but ran out of colour-rings with one bird left to do - sod's law is that'll be the one! Certainly a night to remember and a counteraction to all those doom and gloom stories about how good things used to be! Still can't quite believe it!

The following day saw Paddy Jenks and his daughter Deryn, Wendy James and I tackling some of the more difficult to access Chough nests in south Ceredigion. Four nests checked and 3 broods colour-ringed (2 x 4, 1 x 2). The other was still sitting on 4 eggs so need to go back in a months's time. Slept well last night!

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