Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bitey Haws and Woowas

Yesterday, in what might prove to be the last trip of the season, myself, Jane and Dave Smith spent most of the day at the Hawfinch feeding station. 16 Hawfinches were caught in total including 3 new birds and several 2011 retraps not previously recorded this year. Also managed to read a 2011 bird that we didn't catch. There have been several recent sightings of 3 different colour-ringed birds on a feeder in a Dolgellau garden too so colour-rings are proving useful.

Amazingly, we also managed to fluke two cracking male Wood Warblers in the finch nets. This has to be my warbler of choice, subtley beautiful!

Interesting to see how they perfectly match the newly emerging beech leaves. 

Also caught the first Great Spot of the year but no sign of last year's Lesser Spotted Woodpecker that annoyingly avoided capture on multiple occasions!
All in all, the old fingers took a bit of a hammering yesterday!

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