Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Oh you little monkey!

'Monkey' the Cornish sat tagged woodcock continues to amaze with another 800 km notched up over recent days. He is now 5800 km from where he was tagged on Feb 18th.
This is amazing when compared to the other 10 tagged woodcock. As he is an adult, one assumes he knows exactly where he's going and that this is not just an aboration. One thought is that his normal wintering ground may have been somewhere further east than Cornwall, but was pushed that far west this winter due to the widespread cold weather throughout most of Europe in late January. At that time there were a lot of reports of huge numbers of woodcock arriving from the continent.

'Aderyn' and 'Rebecca' the two woodcock tagged by the Woodcock Network in Wales, have not moved for several weeks and it seems increasingly likely that they are now on their respective breeding grounds. 'Aderyn' is in Latvia and 'Rebecca' just west of Moscow.

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