Wednesday, 2 May 2012


One of the 12 woodcock satellite tagged in the UK this winter has now flown nearly 5000km to Omsk in Russia.

Rebecca and Aderyn the two Welsh wintering woodcock that were tagged by the Woodcock Network have not been so energetic. Rebecca has moved south of her last location in Russia but is still west of Moscow. Aderyn is still in Latvia and although not giving high quality data is still giving some indicating that he is alive and well. The batteries on his tag may be low due to dense undergrowth preventing daytime recharging through the solar array.

The best data has been coming from the two Norwegian birds that were tagged in Scotland, this may be down to the vegetation in Norway being more sparse thus allowing better recharging conditions.
Looking deep into Russia at Monkey's location on Google Earth has me slightly worried that he might have landed somewhere that we are not supposed to be looking at and there may soon be a knock on my door from three burly men that don't share my fascination about woodcock migration!

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