Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chough ringing's pants?

Only very rarely!!

Last Thursday, Adrienne and I arrived at this Chough nest site a bit too late after the low tide. A quick risk assessment was conducted and it showed that their was indeed a risk that we might miss them if we had to come back another day, hence the unconventional (but perfectly safe) measures adopted!!

Thankfully the Chough season is drawing to an end now and so far this year we have colour-ringed over 200 chicks between us. Many thanks to all those who have provided essential assistance including Claire Mucklow, Kelvin Jones, Frankie Hobro, Chris Bridge, Gillian Dinsmore, Hamza, Zac Hinchcliffe, Gareth Richardson, Wendy James, Ivan Jones, Denise Shaw, Jane and anyone else I have forgotten to mention.

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