Friday, 27 January 2012

sweet knees

The past week of ringing woodcock has seen us all processing birds kneeling on very waterlogged fields. Youngsters won't be too bothered about getting these vital joints damp and cold but when you get over fifty like many of us it starts to hurt a little.

But all is not lost, I have discovered the sheer joys of neoprene knee warmers wear them over your trousers and they are quiet and warm.

You can get these online from any good motorcycle store. Not a fashion winner, but who's watching anyway?


  1. You on a commission Owen? You'll be pedalling Glucosamine sulphate tablets to us oldies next!!!

  2. I met a guy recently who had a sack load of 2nd hand knee replacements if that suits you better. You know 'one careful owner' sort of thing.
    I'm thinking of launching my own brand of knee warmer under the name KNEE-O-PREAN. Like?

  3. Didn't have any shoulder replacements did he? I''d pay quite a bit for one of them at the moment!

  4. By the early morning timing of this comment I can see its still giving you jip, go and see an osteopath.


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