Saturday, 14 January 2012

Get Shorty (II)

Blimey, I know there are Short-eared Owls everywhere at the moment but to catch a second this winter whilst lamping for Woodcock is unprecidented and maybe just a bit greedy! Earlier this evening this stunning bird came a little too close when investigating a not very realistic squeaking noise from a very large mouse (me!) and was neatly plucked from the sky with a long-handled net. It was a bit surprising to find him still at high altitude near Llanbadarn Fynydd though as it was pretty cold and frozen up there!

These still and frosty nights aren't really conducive to good wader catches and the only other bird caught was a single Fieldfare. Last night, in similar conditions, myself and Paddy Jenks managed to catch just 4 Woodcock out of the 32 seen at my site near Crychan.

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