Friday, 20 January 2012

Getting Legless

Finally reached 50 last night, no not colour-ringed Golden Plovers, calendar years!! Have been dreading it so I "celebrated" by going out and getting Legless (along with 16 of his mates, 3 Woodcock and a Lapwing!).


 It was a particularly fitting way to roll-over the chronometer as, thanks to the filthy weather,  it ended up being a record catch for me as far as Golden Plover caught in a night.  It also boosted the total of colour-ringed GPs to 43!!

The one-legged bird seemed fit and healthy otherwise, with a good weight and good feather condition so yes, of course I did, after all it was the left leg that was missing! Anyway it will be particularly interesting to see how it fares.

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