Saturday, 31 December 2011

Things looking up for Montgomeryshire Barn Owls?

via Chris Giffiths 

Had a maintenance run around some of our owl boxes this month just to check they were all in good condition and to evict the squirrels. Things are looking up after last year's poor occupancy, several traditional sites, that have been empty for the past couple of years, were once again occupied. It also gave me chance to catch and ring 5 more adults. At another site, as I came down the ladder, I said to my mate Reading "blimey this one has a very brown front, just like the ones we ringed near Llanidloes" Soon after I realised it was ringed, my first capture of a ringed Barn Owl since getting my permit, and blow me it was one of the Llani ones from 8 miles up the road!! (Not the one shown though!)

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