Wednesday, 28 December 2011

In deep sh.... mud!!

Just to demonstrate that not everything always goes to plan!! Last night Paul, Marc Hughes and myself had a trip up to Tregwynt to see what was about and to try lamping Goosanders on a lake Paul had just obtained permission for. The night started badly when a female Goosander, proving just too strong for Paul's landing-net, snapped the pole in two and made a successful bid for clear-water along with about 15 others!! Things improved briefly then, when we caught this cracking male Barn Owl.

A bit of very rash and show-off, off-roading, in a toy 4x4 followed, which resulted in my car being buried right up to it's axels in the middle of a very wet grass field (well bog, actually) in the middle of absolutely nowhere!! No end of pushing and shoving was going to move it (some of us did try!) so an emergency call to Terence Lambert at 10.30pm saw Paul and Marc off home to their beds.  I got to spend another 10 hours trying to keep warm before being dragged out backwards by Tom Jones (no, not that one!) in his brand new (but no-longer clean and shiny) tractor!

Many thanks indeed to both Terence and the Jones's for their immediate and good-natured assistance! Never has a hot cup of tea been so welcome!

Photos to follow no doubt!!!

Just received, Marc in mud!  Not sure that was his original footwear though!!!

May be more yet?

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