Saturday, 24 December 2011

A last crack at Crychan before Christmas

The forces were out last night on a last pre-Christmas attempt to ring a few more Woodcock. I headed down to Doldowlod in near horizontal sleet only to draw a blank, no Woodcock seen let alone caught! Afterwards I met up with Jane, on her way south for Christmas, and we went down to Crychan. The sleet was slightly less horizontal there, and there were loads more birds. Saw at least 23 Woodcock and caught 13. Despite catching 18 out of 19 here a few weeks ago, 10 of them were un-ringed, two were re-traps from earlier this winter and one was a last-year's retrap - clear demonstration that there is a constant to-and-fro of birds on these sites throughout the winter. Might make 500 yet!

Not your normal view of a woodcock, and amazing just how reflective the tail spots are!

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