Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Shortie completes the set!

Taking a Leafe out of Paul's book, I thought I'd have an early morning crack at Ceri myself this morning. Getting up at 4.00 am wasn't so bad, getting there was a bit more challenging. The higher roads were covered in black ice and a fresh sprinkling of hail - absolutely lethal!

Catching wasn't as good as I thought it might be given the conditions but I did manage another 4 un-ringed Golden Plovers and yet another Stock Dove (does it mention ground-roosting Stock Doves in BWP?). One last look in a favourite wet flush for Jack Snipe produced a Woodcock hunkered down in the rushes. As it spooked at the last minute an un-seen Short-eared Owl rose from about 6 foot away!! A quick imitation of a vole (sound rather than appearance!) drew the bird back in and after 3 heart-stopping failed attempts I finally managed to creep up and net it on the fourth.

A quick look in the Non-passerine Guide confirmed it as a young male

Not sure what you call a five thing hat-trick but have finally managed to ring all five regular breeding owls in one year.

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