Monday, 10 October 2011

Jack High Flush

Had a quick trip up around the hills on the Shropshire/Powys border last night to see if any of the Golden Plovers that have turned up recently were willing to be ringed. No takers unfortunately, although one did sit in the beam long enough for me to imagine it in the bag. Weather wasn't right, despite low cloud it was still far too bright and very windy. Nothing ventured nothing gained though - hunkering in a small wet flush, right on the top of the Ceri Ridgeway, was this little beauty! The amazing thing about trying to lamp Jack Snipe is that they generally don't sit very well and won't land again if you keep the light on them! Totally opposite to what you would expect in the daytime. Oh yes, they are also almost impossible to spot before you flush them, that bit's the same!
Not a bad first bird to start this winter's inland wader ringing with though!

Caught five new and several re-trap Dippers on the way home too.


  1. Smart pic mate, and great catch (I know how difficult they can be!!!). Have seen a few already this month so let's hope it's a good 'year' for them.

  2. Cheers, see you managed to catch another one last night, well done mate! Obviously a good few in now, just need that moon to disappear, quick!


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