Friday, 21 October 2011

Ceri gold rush!

Conditions are absolutely ideal for dazzling at the moment so I popped up to the hills around Ceri Forest again last night. There was a scattering of Golden Plovers throughout the permanent pastures amounting to a total of about 40 - 50 birds. Managed to catch seven to add to the seven I caught the previous night so getting through them slowly! Only 120 adult/juv Golden Plovers were ringed in Britain and Ireland in 2011! Also caught a Fieldfare and four more Dippers on the way home.

Didn't have my camera on me so here's a photo of a Dutch-ringed bird myself and Paul caught at Llaith-du in a previous winter. Golden Plover ringing recoveries and controls are few and far between but that makes them all the more rewarding when they happen!

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