Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Goldie

After nearly a month of trying, last night, on my way back from survey work in Lancashire, I finally managed to catch and satellite-tag our second Golden Plover "Hawn" up on the Ceri Ridgeway.

"Hawn" immediately after having the sat-tag fitted.

There have been very few about since the cold spell in early December but last night there were at least 25 present of which I managed to catch three and a Woodcock. I was hoping to do the second bird at a different site to the first but as Ceri is still in Spain I guess that is less important. Below is the most recent location for Ceri on the Spanish/Portuguese border near Valencia del Alcantara. I guess we won't be meeting up in Madrid in a fortnight then!

Hopefully Hawn will hang around in Wales and give us some of the data we wanted on more local cold-weather movements.

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