Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fortune favours the brave

I was out ringing on my site near Llanilar last night in a howling gale gusting well over 40 mph at times. Using a metal pole and what I now call my "storm net" I had to adopt the 'brace and lean into it' pose whilst being hit by gusts as I walked up to birds. On one occasion walking downwind onto a woodcock I found myself being pushed into an uncontrollable jog towards it.

However I had a feeling that this brief hour of ringing before the full moon rose might have a reward for me and I was right. I caught 6 woodcock, 4 of which were retraps, and the last one had a geo-locator fitted. This was a bird I caught and fitted with its tag on Feb 25th last winter. I have now re trapped 2 out of only 14 fitted with geo-locators on this site, not a bad recovery rate so far.

I have a feeling I might catch another before the ringing season ends in March. As with the previous geo-locator bird I caught a few weeks ago, it was just yards away from where I caught and fitted it with it's tag, they really are very site loyal!

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  1. Blimey, nice going Owen. Yes it was windy last night! I braved it too and caught 5 out of 14 Woodcock seen at Doldowlod - 3 retraps and 2 new birds


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