Saturday, 26 January 2013

2013 Hawfinch RAS up and running - just!

Today Dave Smith and I had the first attempt of the year at catching Hawfinches at our RAS site in North Wales. The recent cold weather had bought about 30 odd Hawfinch into the food that Dave's been putting out but this morning they were just not playing ball. After about 4 hours we did managed to read a single colour-ringed bird (ringed nearby in March 2012) and then, 6 hours in, we managed to catch the first new Hawfinch of the year, an adult female. One other Hawfinch was seen with a BTO ring only and there were at least 6 different un-ringed birds present. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, they will become a bit more attached to the feeding site and give us a bit more return for all our efforts.

Record shot of the first Hawfinch caught in 2013. 
For the photographers amongst you this was taken with an Olympus Mu, hand-held, on the wrong setting with the wrong shutter speed!

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