Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Whimbrel colour-ringing

Last night Jane and I had a trip to the coast south of Aberystwyth in search of Whimbrel. It is still a bit early in the season yet, with birds only recently recorded moving through, but we did manage to catch 4 out of 4 so no complaints!

We have colour-ringed over 80 Whimbrel now since spring 2010 but apart from one seen by Marc Hughes a few kilometres inland of where it was ringed there have been a very disappointing number of re-sightings so far. Any Icelandic or Gambian birders reading this, come on - pull your fingers out!!

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  1. Colour ringed Whimbrel at the Gann estuary Pembrokeshire GREEN left leg above the knee Yellow C58 right leg above knee also .Today around 5.30pm. May have been here a few days - part of a 21 number flock


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