Friday, 6 April 2012

Arctic Dipper ringing

Yesterday Jane, Brenda Cook and myself headed out for the first real day of intensive Dipper pull ringing of the year. After the sweltering days of the last two weeks the morning was a bit of a shock and the planned route round all the sites had to be altered when we hit the Siberian border! Not very good conditions for Jane's Micra!

Despite 8 inches of snow in places overnight the rivers were still manageable and we managed to check 41 sites in all with 39 either in use or already failed. 31 dipper pull were ringed, several broods were too small and over half the pairs were still incubating eggs. Also manage to colour-ring 3 adults and read the colour-rings on 13 others.


Not all good news though, several deserted clutches and a couple of dead broods including this otherwise healthy looking brood of 4. Due to the weather?

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