Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ringed Chough at Mwnt

Posted on the Ceredigion Birds Blog yesterday.


In the drizzle at Mwnt 2 chough (one ringed), and a male kestrel (Photo removed) looked how I felt.

Hi Janet,

thanks for the above. As you know ALL colour-ring records are gratefully received.

Details for the ringed bird are as follows;

Ringed as a female chick (brood of 4) at Cwm Tydu on  25/05/2006 (Tony Cross)
Seen 16/05/2007 Ynys Lochtyn in group of 14  (TC)
Seen 17/04/08 at Mwnt, replacing last year's unringed female at this nest site. Male unringed. 
Failed by 31/05/2008 (TC). Bred 17 kms from natal site.
Seen 11/05/09 at Mwnt, breeding with unringed male. 2 chicks ringed. (TC)
Seen 23/05/10 at Mwnt, breeding with unringed male. 1 chick ringed. (TC)
Seen 17/05/11 at Mwnt, breeding with unringed male, 3 chicks ringed. (TC & Paddy Jenks)
Photographed 26/06/11 at Mwnt (Janet Baxter)
Photographed 16/08/11 at Mwnt (Janet Baxter)
Photographed 21/09/11 at Mwnt (Janet Baxter)

As for the unringed one,  I'm afraid we don't know where he came from or how old he is.

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