Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Better late than never

Last Friday (9th September) I met up with Gareth Owen at a new (to me) Barn Owl site near Aberystwyth where he was convinced there were still young in the nest. Sure enough on entering the barn the tell-tale hissing could be clearly heard. A landing net over the hole duly caught one of the previously unringed adults whilst the other made its escape very soon after. The box contained four chicks about 4 weeks old.
Later in the afternoon I met up with Paul and we checked another five sites in Ceredigion which I thought may still have nesting activity (either known to be late or had already had an early first brood away). Two sites, both near Tregaron, had four chicks each and we managed to catch an adult roosting in the fireplace at another. These late nests have helped to boost the unusually low productivity from these long-established sites many of which, thanks to the unusually hard winter, were empty for the first time in a long while.

Quick shot taken inside box with mobile phone on 8th July. Four large young were ringed at this nest on 9th September.

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