Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cootlets or Cootlings?

A good while ago I was sent some colour-rings for Coots by Kane Brides, who runs a large-scale nationwide colour-ringing scheme for the species, just in case we caught any locally. On the way home from Nightjaring in South Wales this morning (more on this in a forthcoming post) I finally managed to fit a few to a brood of four that had strayed a little too far from the water's edge - blimey they can run fast, even at this age!! Please check any Coots you see this winter for colour-rings and report them through the link at the top of the page, it will make my near heart-attack from all that running well worth while!

'Who's BLD'


  1. Hey Tony it beats paying for a gym membership!!! Are they quick or are you getting slower lol!!

    1. Fair point! Bit of both unfortunately but hey, I can still shift when there is a need!!


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