Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Amusements at Borth

Whilst Paul was having a very profitable day catching Little Ringed Plovers and other inland waders at Glasbury, Jane and I were ringing their coastal cousins at sunny Borth. This nest containing three little Ringed Plovers, was just metres from the main drag and had amazingly survived the thronging crowds and drunken hoards of holiday-makers for which Borth is well renown!. It has been a good while since I ringed Ringed Plover chicks on this stretch of coast. The previously deserted golf-course car-park at Ynyslas Turn used to be a favoured location for a couple of pairs back in the 1980s and 1990s but is now a very popular hang-out for an increased numbers of camper vans instead.

Let's hope nobody in Borth puts a foot wrong for a bit longer - a big ask I know !!

We even managed to catch and ring mum too!


  1. On 14 June there was an adult making alarm calls and a low level distraction display in a similar beach-top spot but at the far end of the prom, opposite where the track crosses the golf course to Aberleri fields path & hide - so presumably a nest there too.

    1. Good news Jon, hope they managed to get something away. Nice to know there are still a few pairs hanging in there.


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