Friday, 6 September 2013

Shore shank redemption!

Thanks Jane!

After nearly half a dozen abortive attempts over the past 12 months or so to catch more Greenshank this morning's efforts came good and, like London buses, two came along at the same time.

There has been much earnest discussion on the ringers' forum recently about the appropriate use of digital media. So as not to offend the sensitive all reference to my grinning face has been withheld!! 

Greenshank pass through the Dyfi every spring and autumn on their way to more northern breeding grounds and about 20 have been ringed by us over the years. No recoveries have yet resulted but, as with all ringing, its a numbers game and (without the use of expensive satellite telemetry) the more you can do the more likely you are to gather useful data.

A truly elegant and beautiful wader outclassed in my view only by a Marsh Sandpiper I once ringed in Kuwait

Also caught another one of these (a juvenile female this time - note the orange at the base of the lower mandible and the overall greeny-blue rather than bluey-green colour of the head and back). 

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