Saturday, 14 September 2013

From the very little to the very large...

At both ends of a busy day surveying, Tony and I found a bit of spare time to do a spot of mist netting. Our first stop was a tiny spruce plantation, which appeared to have several Goldcrests. Not all of them were interested in being caught, but after only a while we'd managed to catch a total of 4 Goldcrests, 2 Wrens, 1 Treecreeper, 3 Chaffinches and a Blackbird.

On the way home, we stopped off to try and catch some Dippers on a stretch of river where Tony had caught several before. Sure enough there were still plenty of Dippers, and we manged to catch 3 of them, along with 1 Kingfisher, 2 Grey Wagtails and this Grey Heron!!

I can't imagine I'll extract many more of these from a mist net!!

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