Thursday, 15 August 2013

Is nothing sacred?

It appears e-criminals have even started to target ringing groups as a source of potential revenue.  I have just received the following from HQ

A series of apparent ‘ringing groups’ set up on Twitter with a link to easygiving (a fundraising site) have been drawn to our attention.  These groups also appear on Facebook.  They appear to have been set up to raise money.  The straplines of these groups are either:

We monitor the population and movement of birds for scientific study, in order to conserve species.
More recently:
A virtual Group supporting ringing in your historic County. Conserving species and their habitat through scientific study.

They use vice county or county names.  None of them are BTO ringing groups.

Please note that there are some BTO ringing groups on Twitter with a link to easygiving, but the wording used for them is different.  There are also BTO ringing groups on Facebook.  If you are in doubt about any group, please contact me.

These apparent ‘ringing groups’ are currently being investigated.  In the mean time we suggest that you do not communicate with any of them, or sign up to donate.
Jacquie Clark

Just to make it absolutely clear, all our ringing is self-funded at great cost. There  is no such group as the Cardiganshire Ringing Group so don't correspond with them on twitter and don't give the low-lives  a penny of your hard-earned cash.

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