Monday, 12 August 2013

Couple of sarnies and a bad bout of wind!

On Thursday Paddy, Jane and I had the first crack of the season at mist-netting terns and waders at Ynyslas. Following last year's successes with Sandwich Terns I've arranged a supply of colour-rings for this species to hopefully help maximise the information gathered from all our hard efforts. Things started off quite promising, nets were positioned perfectly in relation to the tide and over 100 plus Sandwich Terns were flying around. Unfortunately, however, just as the tide reached the right stage for catching the wind picked up and it started to drizzle. This severely affected the catch and just two Sandwich Terns and three Dunlin were caught. We did as a result however, get to colour-ring our first two Sandwich Terns.

Taxi!! If you see this particular red KAB around and about be sure to let us know.

The following evening was the first night of a long weekend's Welsh ringing workshop organised by Kelvin Jones and hosted by the Teifi Ringing Group so there wasn't chance to return (see

The Saturday evening tide seemed just too good to miss so with 10 or so of the workshop attendees I headed back to Ynyslas for a re-match. Unfortunately a similar story unfolded as 4 perfectly set nets were rendered completely ineffective by the gradually strengthening SW wind. This time no terns or waders were mist-netted although 5 Dunlin were lamped right at the end of the trip which helped save face just a little bit! A brilliant demonstration of the safe way not to catch terns though!  Really hoping for calmer conditions in a fortnights time.

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