Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rewarding Hobbies

It isn't often you get notified about a Hobby recovery. Few are ringed and not many get re-caught or are found dead so imagine my utter surprise when the last batch of recoveries received from BTO headquarters contained no less than three!

One of these three chicks was later recovered in the French Pyrennes, in October, on its first migration south

Firstly a chick ringed near New Radnor on 27th July 2010 was identified by its colour rings at a breeding site in Wareham Forest, Dorset on 2nd June 2013 183 kms SSE of where it was ringed.

Secondly a chick ringed at the same territory but in the following year on 29th July 2011 was found dead near Yeovil in Somerset on 25th May 2013 144 kms South 

Finally a chick ringed near Bucknell in Shropshire on 1st August 2011 was found with a severe wing fracture (it was later euthanised) on 17th May 2013 at Cannock, Staffordshire 71 kms ENE. No wonder we can't find any nests this year!  It's early days yet though and Hobby nest searches will be the order of the day over the next couple of weeks. 

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