Thursday, 23 August 2012

Smart Asio

Last night was the last of the current set of tides high enough to be worth trying to net so Jane and I headed down to Ynyslas again to see what was doing. The wind had been too strong all day but was forecast to drop just before high tide - it didn't!! With netting out of the question we hung around to see what we could catch with the lamp. We weren't the only ones down there intent on catching waders though! Just about the first bird caught was this smart adult male Short-eared Owl that was seen trying to snatch Dunlin off the tide-line. Guess this is one of the two that has been around all year and possibly the same one gracing the front of the new Ceredigion Bird Report 2011

Wader numbers have dropped but we managed to ring another 36 Dunlin, 1 Sanderling and a single adult female Ringed Plover.

Puzzled as to where all the other 500-odd Ringed Plovers roosted as there wasn't much evidence of them!

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