Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Last night terned out a bit Rosy!

Well, what an amazing catch at Ynyslas last night! Jane, Andre and Tracy Marsh, my two daughters Amy and Hannah and I had another go at netting the tern roost. The weather and tides were perfect and 31 terns were caught along with a few waders - 6 Dunlin, 3 Knot, 2 Redshank, 1 Curlew and a Sanderling. The bulk of the catch though was 26 Sandwich Terns including 4 controls - 3 British and 1 Dutch. We also caught 4 Common Terns, including a Polish ringed juvenile (according to the BTOs online reports this is only the second ever Polish-ringed Common Tern recorded in Britain). Star of the show though, without doubt, was a very smart control adult Roseate Tern. Details of the origins of all 6 controls will be posted when available.

No apologies for the following glut of photos - could easily have posted a whole load more!

Reading a Dutch ring on a Sandwich Tern

Partly makes up for the Dutch-ringed one I read all but one of the numbers on with a telescope last year!!

Polish ring on a juv Common Tern (yes it's legs do look short!!)

It also sported a black engraved Darvic ring so worth checking any you may see!

Star of the show, a control adult Roseate Tern

Amy transporting the Roseate Tern to the chill-out area!

Chilling out!!

Preparing for take-off  Adult roseate (back left) with adult and juvenile 
Common Terns for size comparison.

Juvenile Sanderling - gorgeous!

Finally, the biggest bird of the night - an adult female Curlew

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