Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

Had a morning catching at our Hawfinch feeding site again this morning with Jane and Dave Smith. The number of birds present is building nicely now and 10 birds were caught, comprising 9 new and one re-trap from 2010. It was great to see that the re-trap was still wearing its colour-ring as a number of birds last year managed to remove theirs (one after only 2 hours!),  after all if you've got a beak that can crack cherry stones a little bit of plastic shouldn't prove too difficult! The proportion of new birds caught was a real surprise, especially as two of them were adults.

1st winter male Hawfinch above and 1st winter female below

Hawfinch whisperer, Dave Smith, proving the truth behind the old saying!
 It didn't have second thoughts about biting me though!!

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