Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Colour-ringed Hawfinch and 1st pullus of the year!

Paul and I had another go at the Hawfinch feeding site yesterday morning. Don't want to jinx it but the weather was a bit too good! Bright sun on the nets made them visible and meant the birds were a bit reluctant to come down even though there were at least 20 - 30 in the area. We did manage to catch 7 including 5 new birds, one of which was a very heavy continental bird with large amounts of fat deposited ready for the return journey. Paul spent most of the morning crammed into a makeshift hide trying to photograph colour-ringed birds and added another three "re-sightings" including these two that were caught together on several occasions last year so are obviously a local pair.

We also ringed the first pullus of the year, a single Crossbill chick! Think looks improve with age! What a load of sh...!!

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