Friday, 1 September 2017

There is a roving Spanish Dunlin.....

Just received another postcard, this time of YELLOW T67 1,142kms SSW in NW Spain (1,142kms). It was originally ringed just a week earlier at Ynyslas on 24th August. 

If your Spanish is up to it you can read more on Antonio Gutierrez's excellent blog here

P.S., for the younger readers out there, a postcard was how we older folk used to piss people off with our holiday adventures before the invention of Facebook!


  1. Looks like the colour ringing project was a great idea then :D

    1. Yes, but all great ideas need someone motivated, dedicated and intelligent to carry them through to fruition ;)

  2. Hi there,
    I’m a trainee ringer from Bristol and am going to be staying in Aberdyfi during the last week of October. I was wondering if your Mid-Wales Ringing Group allow visiting trainees to come along to your ringing sessions and whether you had any sessions planned during that week?
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Michael,
    yes, we are always willing to take along visiting ringers but I'm afraid the tides that week are not suitable for wader dazzling. We might be out catching other species so you could always contact me directly. Please note that the email at the top of this webpage no-longer works but if I change it I might lose access to the site for administration purposes so please email me at


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