Friday, 27 November 2015


In the 35 years I've been a licensed bird-ringer I've caught birds using a great variety of methods, lures and baits but this was a new one on me!

Caroline's works car was proving extremely interesting to one of our 'garden' birds

I've had birds flying at their reflections in car mirrors before but have never managed to put it to good use and certainly not with such a smart bird!

Not sure the technique has wider application though!

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  1. I ring at a Wildlife Park near Reading and apart from the usual trapping methods have caught Robins inside a car, two Kingfishers, one that flew into one of our offices, the other into an open stable. Also a Sparrowhawk in the entrance ticket office when a Blackbird gave it the slip as it got towards the door. Our much heap also attracted various species so a roof and entrance tunnel built in - we now regularly catch the usual Jackdaws but is also excellent for Mandarins.


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