Saturday, 10 January 2015

Riding the storm...

As most, if not all, of you will be aware, the weather is pretty rough in the UK at the moment! Whereas most ringers wouldn't even dream of going out in this sort of weather, the like of myself, Tony and a few others 'love' it! Although catching is still very difficult, with a slight change in technique, venturing out can be very rewarding! In the past 3 nights I have visited a couple of my dazzling sites, and have had some great catches. In total I've only caught 21 birds, which might not sound much, but when you see what they are the quaility more than makes up for the quantity.

Birds trapped and ringed were:
7(+2) Jack Snipe
4(+1) Snipe
2 Woodcock
1 Golden Plover
4 Fieldfare

Unfortunately I manage to upset an old injury in my leg last night so am unable to add to the totals tonight, hopefully it will be better soon!!

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