Saturday, 22 November 2014

The long wait is over...

Around 3 and a half years ago (3 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days to be exact but who's counting) I saw and very nearly caught my first ever Long-eared Owl. It was sat on a fence post, and I managed to get the net over the bird only for it to get snagged on some barbed wire. Needless to say, the owl got away and never came close again!! I was faced with the same challenge this evening and the same story nearly happened. Thankfully tho I was aware that the net would get snagged, so as soon as I had dropped the net on the owl I quickly grabbed it! I had local trainee ringer Elinor Parry with me at the time who couldn't quite believe what had just happened (neither could I!). Seeing a species for the first time is always a nice moment, but getting to ring it and have a real good look at it is even better.

Elinor getting to grips with the Long-eared Owl

Aged as a juvenile, so hopefully a 'local' bred bird


  1. Well done, Paul.On my first ever mist-netting trip alone, a Long-Eared Owl was in the net in rural Lincolnshire, where they were virtually unknown. That's what I was doing the evening President Kennedy was assassinated. (22nd November 1963).

  2. They are bloody awesome birds. Don't think I'd ever get bored of seeing them let alone ringing them!!


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