Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Morning Wood....

Popped down early this morning to see if any more Ring Ouzels had shown up on the berries I'd put out. No joy unfortunately, and the Starlings have found them now so that's probably it for another year,. Whilst I was there though I notice 3 Green Woodpeckers feeding nearby. Green Woodpeckers are a scarce bird locally and seemingly getting scarcer. I quickly put a net up and played their yaffling calls on the speaker. Within a few minutes there was not only a Green but also a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the net! Unfortunately Lesser Spotted lives up to its name around here now so there wasn't much chance of the hat-trick!! This is the first Green Woodpecker we've caught for about 4 years but we are having a good year for Great Spotted Woodpeckers with 18 ringed so far.

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