Wednesday, 2 April 2014

2014 Dipper RAS off to a flying start

Had a day going around Dipper nest sites with Brendan Sheils and Hannah Dawes yesterday. Managed to check 50 nests during the day and also identified nine of the breeding adults from colour rings. This doesn't seem like many but at the moment most are still on eggs or laying up so very few of the adults were hanging around and we didn't have time to either. 

Pair of colour-ringed Dippers near the nest-site

Dipper nest on top of a large pipe under a road bridge

1st pulli anything of 2014!

In the late afternoon we met up with Dave Pearce and managed to ring the first 4 pull of the year at a nest he was monitoring near Craven Arms. Later on we ringed a couple more broods totalling 11 chicks in all and including one brood that were pretty close to fledging already!. A cracking start to the year but a very long way still to go to reach last year's amazing total of 666 Dippers ringed.

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