Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Mealy nice find...

There was a nice surprise this morning when I noticed this Redpoll feeding on the lawn amongst a flock of Lesser Redpoll, Goldfinch and Siskin. He stood out like a sore thumb, not only in colour but in size too. After rushing outside to open the net, all of the birds seemed to disappear for an age. But only 20 minutes later I noticed a lone bird in the bottom shelf, sure enough it was him.         

With nearly 200 Lesser Redpolls ringed by myself and Tony in our gardens over the last 14 months, it was a species that I thought we would eventually catch up with. Hopefully the first of more to come!

The two photos above show how obviously pale the Redpoll was, and the photo below shows just how much bigger he was than the average Lesser Redpoll!

As if that wasn't enough, we also managed to catch some other notable birds today including 22 Bramblings and a Barn Owl!

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