Saturday, 25 January 2014

Supersize or am I missing something?

Over the last week or so the number of Lesser Redpolls in the garden have increased along with the Goldfinch and newly returned Siskins. Today there must have been a mixed flock in excess of 50 or so on the feeders. A quick netting session produced about 20 new birds and this re-trap of a bird first caught last week when i didn't have a camera handy. The wing length of this individual is 78 mm (checked 3 times!) - outside the range given for Lesser Redpoll. To be honest though it just didn't stand out as anything out of the ordinary and I can't convince myself that it is anything else! Second opinions welcome!

Surely this is just a bigger Lesser Redpoll!

I can do this one! Adult female Siskin, just in.

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