Saturday, 19 October 2013

It's a lark!

Look at the hind claws on that!

Despite it being full moon the wet and windy weather forecast for last night gave the opportunity for a bit of nocturnal ringing. After concentrating on Dippers for the past few weeks, our attentions now turned to lamping Golden Plovers and other inland waders. A trip into the hills above Llanbadarn Fynydd failed to find any of the target Goldies but did produced a catch of 3 Snipe, 2 Skylarks and a Redwing - Sarah's first self-lamped bird. 

Sarah displaying what I think is an allowable amount of pleasure at her first ever
 self-lamped bird which, at the same time, in no way detracts from its scientific value!

2 Jack Snipe and at least 20 other Snipe were also seen at close range but frustratingly they deftly avoided capture.

Afterwards we continued on to the Clun Hills where the weather had turned rather more windy and rather less wet and consequently an annoyingly large number of Golden Plovers just wouldn't play ball (a single Redwing was all that added to the night's catch). Roll-on the new moon!

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