Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Class of 2013

After a few technical glitches the website is now giving details of this winters tagged woodcock and their miration routes.

Departure was delayed by the cold weather and constant easterlies. On previous winters most of the woodcock on my ringing site would be well on their way in the last week of March, but this spring I ringed my last woodcock on April 13th.

It has been interesting to compare routes taken by the birds. Most head off in an easterly direction but Moc seems to have had other ideas and headed north first before making a major correction in strengthening winds over the sea off Liverpool.

A wind map on the day Moc changed course off Liverpool.

 It is slightly worrying that we have not had good data from Moc since he arrived on the coast of Norfolk. Two of the Cornish birds took a south eaterly route towards France before diverting towards Russia, and one of the Irish birds took the same route stopping off in Cornwall. 

The Class of 2013

Olwen, the other Welsh tagged bird is now very near to St Petersburg. For more information visit or visit the Woodcock Network facebook page where there are regular updates.

Olwen's location on 23/4/13, 20 days after departure.

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