Friday 15 March 2013

Yodel-oh-ee-dee, sirrrrr !

Well well, grinning from ear to ear at the moment. I have just been notified by Raymond Duncan of a sighting by Bastien Guibert of one of the Newtown Waxwings in Petit-Saconnex, Geneva!! It is the first record of a BTO ringed Waxwing to Switzerland and possibly the furthest south ever. As if that wasn't good enough it was the same bird that was seen and photographed by a number of birdwatchers in Lewes, East Sussex. Hi tech tracking equipment might be a great (but expensive) aid in plotting the detailed movements of our bird populations but these sightings demonstrate that a great deal can still be learnt by more traditional methods too, well within the pocket of ordinary ringers.

                Brown/Blue right leg in Lewes, East Sussex 30 Dec 2012.  Photo by Ron Bewley

Brown/Blue right leg in Geneva 9th Mar 2013.  Photo by Bastien Guibert 

Also had notification of another bird ringed on the same day at the same site controlled in Nottingham.

Many thanks to all the photographers who have sent in their photographs of ringed Waxwings. The results would have been far less interesting without them!

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