Friday, 6 July 2012

Not So Hardy!

Last night myself and Andre Marsh went back to ring the Merlins featured in the last post but   unfortunately the weather had done its thing on them too! The four healthy looking youngsters featured had been reduced to just one large female chick. Still she was well fed and feisty so should hopefully still make it - despite today's predicted deluge!  This is the last of eight Mid-Wales Merlin nests identified earlier in the season - the other seven all failed to produce chicks.

The day before I visited two Kestrel nests in Shropshire with Leo Smith and Michelle Frater, one of them, in an open crow nest on the Long Mynd, also had just a single chick (the other, in a hollow tree, had four) so the birds without roofs over their heads are clearly finding it pretty tough  this year!

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