Thursday, 2 February 2012

Owling on the bog.

This morning started early with a trip down to Ynyslas to catch waders.  I met Jane at 4.30 am and we tried lamping a few of the coastal fields - even here though, they were frozen solid and it was impossible to get close to anything!  A quick trip down the beach was a bit more rewarding with 3 Golden Plovers and a Dunlin caught.

Next I headed over to Cors Caron National Nature Reserve (more widely known as Tregaron Bog!) to meet the wardens, Andy and Iestyn,  to check the condition of the Barn Owl boxes and to erect a few new ones. Cors Caron and the immediate surrounds hold around twelve pairs of Barn Owls, although numbers this summer were much lower than normal, following last winter's extremely cold weather.  Whilst checking the boxes two new Barn Owls and a Tawny Owl were ringed.

On my way home I quickly nipped in to Strata Florida to renew a few of my older Pied Flycatcher nest boxes and to put up a couple of extra Tawny Owl boxes. As the catching isn't good at the moment, might as well get ready for the coming season!

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