Saturday, 20 August 2011

Our first ever RAS submission!

Have just completed and sent in my first ever RAS (re-trapping adults for survival) submission, for Hawfinches in North Wales! All pretty painless I have to say! This year, after thinking about it for quite a few, I registered three schemes with the BTO. One on Hawfinches, one on Dippers and one (jointly with Adrienne Stratford) on Choughs. It is particularly important nowadays that as well as enjoying the process we should all strive to maximize the conservation benefit of the ringing we do.

I was absolutely staggered to discover that in the first season we made 194 captures of Hawfinches at our site in North Wales including 128 new birds and 1 Norwegian control, which had originally been ringed as an adult male in Mandal, Norway on 15th April 2010 (925km NE).

Adrienne taking unnecessary risks with the Norwegian control!

Massive thanks to Dave Smith for making it all possible, to Jerry Lewis for showing the way, and to the many ringers who came along to help! Fingers have almost recovered enough for next season!

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